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Why team building with VR HUB?

With a strong background in running virtual reality events and collaboration with professional psychologists and trainers, we are capable of providing specially curated team building activities.

Why VR Team Building?

Team Synergy

All team building VR experiences are incredibly exciting and engaging which brings everyone together in an environment designed to maximize team relationship.

Develop Creativity

The virtual worlds provided by our experts will rejuvenate the creative sparks within the team. Each game offers a new lens to explore creativity from 3D landscape to escaping a room.

Time Keeping

VR will be an opportunity to observe how good your members manage time and completes task within the time constraint.

Organizational Development

Bringing the team together to experience new ambience, cultivate new memories, and strengthening collaboration is a key value of unity within the organization.

Problem Solving

VR will assist the team in solving problem amicably. Support system from the VR consultants will be there.


Team Building VR program is extraordinary and a recap video will be produced as both a momento for the team’s that participated as well as for recruitment assets for your recruitment process.

VR Team Building Activities

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

FOCUS – Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Planning

This activity really puts your employee through their paces and see how they perform under pressure. The main aim is to highlight how they can react in real challenging work situations.

Teams have to defuse a series of bombs. One team member will be in a room with a time bomb to defuse where they are totally reliant on other teammates who have the various manuals to guide and help them. Each member will take turns to enter the room and deal with increasingly complex bombs.

This is a very challenging yet exciting VR team building activity.

Fantastic Contraption

FOCUS – Communication, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving

This activity encourages your employees to think creatively and out of the box. The game really challenge teams to work together as a group in solving the increasingly complicated contraption puzzles.

In this immersive and fun game, teams have to build different contraptions/machines to get a pink ball to its target with the given funny looking tools. Other team members can give ideas to solve the problems and each member will take turns to finish a level.

Pictionary – Google Tilt Brush

FOCUS – Communication, Creative Thinking

Pictionary has always been a fun and exciting game to play at parties or as a team building exercise. But, experiencing it with VR, opens the amusement up to worlds of possibilities. One member will use Google Tilt Brush to draw the word while the rest of the team have to guess what it is by looking at the screen. It’s another awesome way to have friendly competition between your employees while having a lot of fun.

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